Climate — long-term weather patterns in a region — impacts almost every aspect of life on Earth. It determines the food we eat, the water we drink. It powers extreme weather that impacts lives and livelihoods. And over time, it deepens social and economic inequity. Climate change is here, but trees are one of our strongest warriors in the fight against it. Here's how the Arbor Day Foundation's work is addressing one of the biggest issues facing people and the planet.

Helping your trees beat the heat

In the summertime, trees have strategies for managing the heat. But with temps on the rise, you can get involved to keep your trees healthy all season long.

What can you do to ensure your trees stay healthy all summer long?

The Past is Not Prologue in the American Pacific West

Climate change is making an already dry climate even drier. In the American Pacific West, natural disasters are intensifying and causing more severe damage. Plants and animals incapable of withstanding the now-higher temperatures are being chased out of their homes. The domino effect could make a major impact on humans if we don’t act now.

A climatologist discusses resiliency in America's driest region.

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Read how our work comes to life in forests and communities around the world.

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